Bajaj Steam Iron MX6 at Rs 899 Only – SAVE Rs 596


Tired of those stubborn wrinkles in your clothes? Worry no more! Your angelic saviour is here. Bajaj Steam Iron MX6 from edabba is here.

How to buy Bajaj Steam Iron MX6 at Rs 899 Only ?

  1. Buy Bajaj Steam Iron MX6 from edabba.
  2. Click on “BUY NOW” button.
  3. Fill your proper details and select your payment method.
  4. Place your order.

Whether it is summer or winter, your clothes never shy away from the wrinkles after a wash, no matter how careful you’ve been. You have to tirelessly wait testing your patience every morning when you try to iron it or worse, you are helpless and hence the laundry man earns the extra bucks every day. Whatever your case might be, Bajaj Steam Iron MX6 from edabba is a definite answer to your problems.

Bajaj is India’s leading company in terms of mobile bikes and other electronics. And Bajaj Steam Iron MX6 from edabba falls into that category. There’s a carry in coverage and has a variable steam control. It works on 1400W Iron for Fast Heating with Non stick Coated Sole Plate to ensure safety of clothes. Water Spray for stubborn Wrinkles. Steam Output of 8.5 gms/min for better ironing. Variable Steam Control. Self Clean. Neon indicator for thermostat operation. Thermal fuse. Super Clean Surface Finish. You will find an Iron, Service Center List, Warranty card along with its charger. The product is available in white and blue in color.

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