Bajaj Winner Mixer Grinder at Rs 2,199 Only – SAVE Rs 1,741


What is Indian cuisine without its spices? You just cannot imagine the juicy chicken laden with spices if you ignored its spice quotient. And when it plays such an important role in our lives, how can we neglect the nitty gritties of India’s exotic dishes? Bajaj Winner Mixer Grinder on edabba is exactly why put on sale. It is on a sale for you, for you cannot and you do not deserve to go hard on yourself. Making your life easier, Bajaj Winner Mixer Grinder on edabba serves you multiple functions like WET GRINDING, DRY GRINDING, CHUTNEY GRINDING, WHIPPING, BLENDING, GRATING AND PUREEING.

How to buy Bajaj Winner Mixer Grinder :

  1. Buy Bajaj Winner Mixer Grinder from edabba.
  2. Go through the details and click on “BUY NOW” option.
  3. Fill in your details and select your payment mode.
  4. Place your order.

Bajaj Winner Mixer Grinder on edabba is priced at Rs 3940 2199 only where you save Rs 1741. It is extremely multi utilitarian as you are provided with a strong and efficient base motor along with three extra jars. These three jars serve varying purposes like wet grinding, dry grinding, whipping, blending and so on. The motor is extremely strong as the motor power is 550 W. The power requirement of this mixer grinder is 230 V. This product comes with a very innovative lock system for your and your children’s safety. Further, there is an overheat protector which enables your grinder mixer to keep its equilibrium even in cases of more pressure. The blades are made of strong steel. Lastly, the jars are unbreakable polycarbonate which makes your kitchen safer and tidier.



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