Baltra BHC-101 Electric Kettle now at Price of Rs 269 Only at Tradus


No matter the season and no matter the reason, enjoy piping hot beverages and soups. presents Baltra BHC-101 Electric Kettle at an economical price. This 800 ml Electric Kettle has a range of stylish functions such as Automatic cut-off, single touch lid locking and sturdy handles that make it an absolute joy to relish tea and coffee in the comfort of homes. They are easy to cart for adventure trips too. It is made of stainless steel and has a heating tube element on the inside. Which means all you need to do is plug it and see your tea, coffee, soup get prepared in a matter of few minutes.

How to buy Electric kettle at extra 10% OFF price of Rs. 269?

  1. Get to the Electric kettle.
  2. Add Electric kettle to shopping cart.
  3. Apply the Tradus Appliance Coupon: APPL10.
  4. Proceed to checkout and make payment.
Baltra BHC-101 Electric Kettle now at Price of Rs 269 Only

Invite your friends and colleagues home for tea and hot beverages which can be made in a matter of few minutes with Baltra BHC-101 Electric Kettle available at just Rs. 269. All you need to pay is the extra shipping charge

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Rs. 415
Rs. 269