Bata Power Womens Sports Shoes at Rs 499 – 55% OFF



Bata is offering Bata Power Womens Sports Shoes at just Rs. 499/- only. These shoes can be best used for running and for gym purpose. Women are very conscious about their fitness these days. So grab your pair of Bata Power Womens Sports Shoes and get going!

How to Get Bata Power Womens Sports Shoes? 

  1. Click here to get these Womens Sports Shoes
  2. Use Coupon Code SC7BW99 to get this product for Rs 499/-.
  3. Offer valid till 9th August.
  4. Shipping Rs.24/-.

Bata is a very good company in terms of offering the customers with good quality footwears. These sports shoes are extremely comfortable, with great grip for running. Its sole is also of EVA which makes it more durable. If pink is your favourite colour than these sports shoes could be your choice. Let it be any season, the feel of the sports shoes is very important. Bata understands this and therefore these Bata Power Womens Sports Shoes have a cotton inner materials with which you can use these shoes no matter which the season must be.

Shoes are the best footwear for every woman these days. Since they are comfortable, easy to wear and your foot also remains to be away from the tanning and dust. These shoes would also take care of your foot pretty well. With the combination of pink and black, they are even stylish in its appearance.



For Women’s
Type :  Sports Shoes
Sole Material: EVA
Inner Material: Cotton

Key Features:

Power Plus
Sports Shoes:
Footwear Specifications: 

  • Black
  • Pink
So if you wish to buy good quality, stylish and comfortable shoes, than this could prove to be a perfect choice. Available at just Rs. 499, you can buy them from right away!


2 Responses to “Bata Power Womens Sports Shoes at Rs 499 – 55% OFF”

  1. My boyfriend has big feet. He wares a size 16 inside sports boots plus size 14 & 15 inside dress boots. Where could you go to receive him several boots inside his size? Sports boots specifically.

  2. Shruti Srivastava

    Which 1 of these boots are sports boots?

    NIKE or Puma. Which 1 do athletes many wear?


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