Belkin 6-socket surge protector at Rs 890 – 21% OFF + 10% OFF


We have long power cuts daily or irregular voltage fluctuations because of which our electronic devices may get damaged. And in order to save our appliances from any kind of problem , we must use this Belkin 6-socket surge protector .



How to buy Belkin 6-soket surge protector:

  1. Go to Belkin 6-soket surge protector.
  2. For additional 10% off , apply coupon code – july10
  3. Click on “buy now”

It protects our everyday used appliances such as computer, refrigerator or other peripherals from irregular voltage fluctuations.  Moreover , it has 6 sockets of which we can connect to different different appliances as well. If you ask any electrician , he will tell you prices which would be sky high . But , here you will get this surge protector for just Rs 890.They are providing with 21 % discount. We would never want that our expensive electronic goods get damaged due to these stupid cuts. And we , also  know that these cuts are not gonna stop in our lifetime . In this case , we can only take up measures to save our appliances from these fluctuations . And this surge protector is the one which we are looking for. In market , where prices of this socket are gonna be more than Rs 1000 , we bring you this belkin 6-socket surge protector at only Rs 890.

Product details:

  • 420 Joule energy rating to provide surge protection for computers, peripherals, and household electronics
  • Maximum Spike Current: 13,000 Amps
  • Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 6 sockets
  • Delivers power through a 2-metre, heavy duty cables
  • 2 years warranty
  • Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage Coverage Rs. 20,000

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  1. Armaan

    I really purchased a brand-new tv plus I reside inside an aged apartment. I learn I want a surge protector plus I would like to receive a force conditioner. Do force condtioners provide surge security also (plus vice versa – do surge protectors provide energy conditioning)? Can anybody suggest a advantageous device below Rs. 600? THANKS!


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