Belkin Micro Usb Car Charger F8Z445qeP at Rs 199 Only

Sowmya Nair


Most of you spend a lot of time driving to and from work everyday. Since you spend much time inside your car, why not buy this Belkin Micro Usb Car Charger? This charger sits comfortably in your dash and you can charge your phone, ipod and other mp3 devices without any hassle!

Be on the  move as you please. And still have full charge on your phone and music players. Don’t keep looking for a plug point all the time.

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  2. Click on ADD TO CART and check out from cart
  3. No ShoppingNeeds coupon code is required

In this fast paced world, don’t let little things slow you down. Suffering from low battery all the time? Thanks to smartphones, we find ourselves looking for a plug point and charger all the time. Keep this Belkin Micro Usb Car Charger in your car all the time and charge while driving. So easy, so convenient!  This charger, in other words, means – GPS on the move, Favorite Apps on the move, Bluetooth talking on the move and so much more!

Thank god to technology, our lives have become so much more easier. This car charger is a great example of that! Charge as you go, whenever you please. It’s a great device to keep handy. Fix it once in your car and leave it there for good. No need to remove at all! Buy today and save Rs. 300! There really is no better time to buy this.

Product Description:

Belkin Car Micro Usb Charger F8Z445qeP Car Usb
Small but Powerful
Low-profile charger sits flush in your dash and charges your iPhone, iPod or mobile phone at the fastest possible speed

Quick-charge USB port for fastest possible charge ( led light indicator is red in color).

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