Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter at Rs. 509 Only!


Imagine you’re out with friends and having fun and getting crazy and then suddenly you remember that you had this really really funny video that you want everyone to see! But it’s crowded and noisy outside so you put up your headphones. But what’s this? Only a pair of headphones and 5 friends? Headphone EK aur tum PAANCH? Bhot Nainsaafi hai! In such a scenario, your only option is to make your friends listen to one by one with proper audio facility but what if you can make all of them see and hear the video at the same time? Yes, you can! Presenting the Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter with 5 Headphone jacks! YES, 5! FIVE! Shoudl be well enough for an outing or even watching a movie together with friends on your phone! The best part of the deal, you get these pair of headphone spilletrs at the cheapest price available online, at RS. 509 only!!

Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter at Rs 509!

How to get the Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter at RS. 509 only:

1. Get your Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter from here.
2. Click On ‘BUY NOW
3. During the payment, enter coupon code “SCGG15” to avail the 15% Discount (RS. 509 is including every discount).
4. You can also get it gift wrapped if you want it to gift it to someone! Now, isn’t this nice of them?

Share your awesome audios and videos at the same time with all of your friends with the Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter! Never again you will have to make each one of your friends wait for their turn to hear what everyone’s already giggling about. They all get to hear it at the same time! Get the Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter at an amazing deal discount price of Rs. 509 ONLY! You can also check the prices on other websites too, we won’t lie, it’s the cheapest on ShopClues only. Go ahead check it out!

-> At Ebay at Rs. 725

-> At Flipkart at Rs. 595 + Shipping

-> At Tradus at Rs. 680 + 30

-> At Infibeam at Rs. 619


  • Five jacks for attaching headphones or iPod devices.
  • One hard-wired connection for your MP3 player.
  • Mixing and fade-ins controlled by the standard controls of each MP3 player.
  • Also works with all MP3 and portable DVD players.
  • Compatible with all iphone & ipod models, including iphone 3gs, 3g, ipd touch, ipod nano.
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to connect another ipod

3 Responses to “Belkin RockStar Multi Headphone Splitter at Rs. 509 Only!”

  1. Jaithra

    I have really purchased the Logitech X-530 Speaker set for my computer to obtain which my sound card is not superior enough to employ all of the speakers simultaneously. There are three color coded headphone jacks however, i just have 1 port. If I purchase a headphone splitter plus plug them all into the splitter then into the laptop- can this function?

  2. Yuvaraj

    I like to play music on my headphone plus play game’s sound on my speaker for illustration. Is this possible? I learn there is this headphone splitter however, my headphone is connected through USB.

  3. Dakshesh

    I recognize I will plug it into 1 yet I have 2 along with a headphone splitter, nevertheless I didn’t
    recognize when it would have a bad impact or not.


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