BELKIN UNIVERSAL 2 Port USB Car Charger For Rs 349


Tired of your i-pod running out of battery on the go? Or forgetting to charge your i phone the previous night and then missing out on important calls the next day? Then your solution is the Belkin Universal 2 port USB Car charger from e-bay.. Yes, now you can sit back and relax with your i-phone or i-pod and not care about how you’ll manage to make it through the next day without charge. All you need to do is plug-in your i-phone/i-pod into this car charger and voila!! You get charging on the go. This powerful tool fits neatly in your dashboard and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, and most devices with a USB charging cable.


 With this handy charger, you can charge not just 1 but two of your USB devices at once. The Belkin Universal 2 Port USB Car Charger is also built in a way that aids usage with the help of the rubber grip that’s easy to plug-in or out. The light on the charger lets you know if it is on or not. Get this useful  tool now and say good-bye to your charging issues.

How to get the Belkin Universal 2 Port USB Car Charger:

Product Specifications:

  • 2 rapid-charge USB ports
  • 1 amp/5 Watts per port
  • 3-foot Charge Sync cable for iPhone and iPod
  • Compatible with
    • iPod 1st gen/2nd gen
    • iPod touch 4th gen
    • iPod nano 6th gen
    • iPhone 3/3GS
    • iPhone 4/4S
    • I-Pads, Samsung tablets and smartphones

Go grab this handy car charger now


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  1. Chandrak

    I have a telephone automobile charger which has rust on it. It doesn’t function anymore. Any suggestions to avoid me from needing to purchase another 1?


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