Best Backpack from Cora for just Rs.899. Buy now!

Sowmya Nair

Backpacks are mandatory if you like being on the move always. A good backpack comes a long way and is very handy. Best backpacks are just as important as best friends. A little┬áexaggeration there, but you understand the importance. Buy this premium cora sports backpack and get three things – a smart look, spacious interior and the comfort of carrying it around.

One look at this backpack and you know that its not for the ones who go overboard. This backpack is designed for people with a taste of class and style. No wannabe prints, no unnecessary attachments. The brown color gives the backpack a classy look most bags fail to give. You know you want this. So buy it. Originally priced at Rs. 1,520, this back pack is now available for you at just Rs. 899. That is a really big reason to buy this right away!

best backpack from cora

How to buy best backpack from cora only for Rs. 899:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ADD TO CART
  3. Go to CART and click BUY.
  4. Apply Discount Coupon code E7CJG8QB to get Rs.300 Off on Rs.1,999/-

Product Description:

Padded shoulder adjustable straps
Spacious lined interior
Three compartment
Imported premium material.

3 Responses to “Best Backpack from Cora for just Rs.899. Buy now!”

  1. Amalendu

    What color/style would we carry? I love the Victoria Secret Bling backpack nevertheless I don’t wish To look stupid. Any suggestions or individual preferences?

  2. Giridari

    Girls just please, plus I would choose center or excellent school level females to answer. I am trying to find a backpack to purchase for school nevertheless it appears like any 1 we receive, somebody constantly has the same 1, particularly the Jansport ones. I like the Roxy ones, however, they’re form of pricey. Tilly’s has cute ones too.
    What is the opinion?

  3. A friend plus I will backpack by Europe for 1 year. We like to leave inside August of 2012. We like to go the ABSOLUTE cheapest method regarding this. We aren’t struggling to be inside luxurious hotels or eat at fancy diners. We are there to travel plus see the planet. Additionally, please ANY strategies or helpful policies, or anything will be excellent! Thanks thus much!


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best backpack from cora