Best budget gaming laptops from lenovo – Prices starting at Rs 33990


Best budget gaming laptops from lenovo: Laptop gaming is a niche pursuit, as most dedicated PC gamer shun notebooks believing them to be inferior to desktops. After playing around with lenovo laptop for the past few weeks, a gaming laptop regarded industry standard.


How to get Best budget gaming laptops from lenovo for Rs 33990

  1. Get Best budget gaming laptops from lenovo at Rs 33990.
  2. Click on buy.
  3. Cash on delivery by flipkart.
  4. EMI option.
  5.  30 Day Replacement Guarantee.

I enjoyed myself quite a bit with this laptop, blasting through recent releases like Dishonored with utter abandon, as the controls’ responsiveness was as impressive as the laptop’s graphical output. Moreover, comparing my play through to the PlayStation 3 edition of the game, I was left in no doubt which one was the technically superior machine. So what are gaming laptops good for? Well, they’re probably best described as ‘portable desktop PCs’ – systems powerful enough for gaming that can ‘occasionally’ be carried to another location and plugged into the mains there – LAN party anyone? Yet even at those, more and more local gaming clans prefer to use gaming laptop for competitive purposes.However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that gaming laptops like the  Best budget gaming laptops from lenovo are ‘convenient’ machines, powerful enough to not only run games at maximum settings, but also other resource-hungry applications. And what if you’re a keen gamer who hasn’t the space for a full-size PC nor the inclination (or knowledge) to build that custom PC? Well here’s a machine that, although decent cost, works straight out of the box, plays all your games (and runs everything else too), and is also portable..just about.
go gamer go,grab this opportunity to buy one!!!!

Product Description 

  • series : G.
  • Processor: core i5(3rd generation).
  • Brand: Intel.
  • Expandable memory : up to 16 GB.
  • Screen size: 15.6 inch.
  • weight: 2.4 kg.


3 Responses to “Best budget gaming laptops from lenovo – Prices starting at Rs 33990”

  1. Ujval

    So because the title explains I am interested in a gaming laptop which I wouldn’t have to throw out a year or 2 from today. I learn my budget is very low, however I’m 17 plus I have to pay for the thing me :C
    Any advice/recommendations will be appreciated

  2. Agastya

    Will a advantageous gaming laptop be superior for additional aspects like viewing many videos/movies plus multitasking wihtout slowing down thus much?

  3. Fahmidah

    I’m trying to find a new gaming laptop, i have an alienware nevertheless i wanna consider several different off the radar firms. Anyone learn any advantageous firms which sell gaming laptops, incredibly ones with 15″ screens or laptops beneath $1000? I absolutely recognize regarding Sager, all alternative firm suggestions are cool.


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