Best Collection Soft Toys for Kids from Amazon India under Rs 500

Sonalee Sarkar

Buying the right baby soft toys becomes a difficult task. You may end up paying more for something your baby will never want to play with and might skip on buying something that he may really like. Here at you have an international collection on baby toys that are associated with cartoon characters. Thus this helps the children to bond better with the toy and have more fun too. Here all the toys well fit into the budget of each and everyone.

How to get this Kids Soft Toys at discounted price of Rs 499?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Chotta Beem soft toy:- Rs.499

Best Collection Soft Toys for Kids from Amazon India under Rs 500Fullmoon Dog:- Rs.290

fullmoon dog


Disney Donald big head Boa:- Rs.419



Madagascar Madagascar Alex:- Rs.461



Thus you get a chance to keep picking on new stuffs just to know what your child might really like. Personalize your baby center experience of toys while making your picks from among our collection. You may buy some products like certain toys for your baby that might not last for years. Thus a big investment on it might not turn out to be worthy. But at the same time you do not want to miss on certain products as they can help in your kid’s mind development. So what can you do? Easy way out is to shop from us where you get all sorts of toys for your child at big discounts.

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Rs 699
Rs 499