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Yearbook is an yearly publication book for the general public that let’s you have access to all updated information. One of the largest selling history book is the Manorama. You can call this a compact book giving you information about current affairs. The Best GK ManoramaYearbook 2014 is the 49th edition of the information packed. You can get them in all languages but this particular book is in English language. You can get it at the bets price of Rs.165 from It is India’s best General Knowledge update covering almost everything, in competitive examinations and a teacher and researcher can use effectively in his pursuit of knowledge.

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The Best GK Manorama Yearbook 2014 gives you the latest information on various topics and fields like science, education, history etc. This book comprises of 1040 pages that keeps you handy with latest information on the go. While you on a travel or have some free time you can read this book. It will not only let you pass some time but also will let your knowledge level grow. This is without any doubt the most popular reference book known world wide. The yearbook presents a fabulous world of statistics and new information.

he best GK manorama yearbook 2014 is an epitome of general awareness that one must have on your book shelf. The book covers almost everything happened in the year. There is no limitation on who can read this book and who cannot. This is a universally readable book by anyone. Not only is the information given in this book is helpful but the paper quality and binding of the book is also good. This also helps the readers in creating an interest in reading this book. There are mainly 14 sections which are Current Affairs, Events, Cover Story, Science World, Cosmos, Environment, Health and Medicine, Information Technology, World Panorama, Education and Career, India, Indian Economy, GK and lastly the sports section.

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