Best Offer on Ice Cream Maker at Rs 1999 – 60% Off


Taste the summer icy cool and delicious magic that all kids and adults eagerly look forward to. brings Best Offer on Ice Cream Maker that helps you make home-made ice creams, frozen yogurts, gelatos, sorbets and many more using this fully automatic machine. No stirring is required, neither there is any need to add ice or salt. It has an extra-large ingredient opening that lets you add candies, brownie bits or fruits during the mixing process. All it takes you is 30-40 minutes to dole out yummy ice cream in umpteen flavors in the comfort of your home.

How to get this Electric Ice Cream Maker at discounted price of Rs 1999?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.
Best Offer on Ice Cream Maker at Rs 1999 - 60% Off

At Rs 1999 Р60% Off, it is indeed the Best Offer on Ice Cream Maker from


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Rs 3599
Rs 1999