Get Best Offer on 1tb Sony External HDD – Buy now for Rs 4700 – 14% off

Fatima Ansari

Always want to carry all your files, documents, projects and other important stuff with you; or your job doesn’t leave with you much option but to carry it all? All you need is a 1 TB external hard disk. Dealstan brings you the offer on 1tb hdd of one of the best companies. 1tb external hdd is available now on hard drive by Sony at just INR 4700/- after a 14% discount on

How to avail this offer on 1tb External HDD – Sony 1TB  for Rs 4700 – 14% off:

  1. Go to by clicking here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Click on place order.


What is the point of carrying 2-3 pen drives to carry everything with you, or even worse, carrying your heavy bulky laptop. The offer on 1tb hdd is worth every penny. It is extremely portable and convenient to carry and can be easily pushed into the pocket. Apart from being way too convenient, this Sony hard disk is designed to look stunningly sleek in its silver colour with branding engraved on it. 1tb external hdd is also available on EMI option. The transfer rate of this disk if good enough and not too time consuming. It also comes with a 2 year domestic warranty.

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Rs 5030
Rs 4700