Best offer on Nokia Lumia 720 64 Gb Cyan Priced at Rs15,910 Only


Nokia Lumia 720 is a Windows 8 phone manufactured by Nokia. This phone was first announced at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. It has Windows 8 operating system with 1Ghz dual core processor and 512 MB RAM. It has both rear camera – 6.7 mp and front camera 1.3 mp. It has talktime of 23.4 hours for 2G users and 13.4 hours for 3G users. It’s standby time is 520 hours. It is a touchscreen phone. Nokia Lumia 720 cost Rs.21249 and wholesale price is Rs.17632 onwards but if you use Tradus coupons you can get it for Rs.15190. Get the best Offer on Nokia Lumia 720 today.MOBMLCQWFPARLX7P_4383637_320x360

How to Get Best offer on Nokia Lumia 720 64gb Cyan:-

  1. Buy Nokia Lumia 720, 64 Gb.
  2. Use Tradus coupon code MOBOFF10 to purchase for Rs.15190.
  3. Choose the seller you want to buy from and click on buy now.
  4. Proceed for payment.
  5. Make secure payment.
  6. For checking shipping fee and COD availability, enter you area pin code.
  7. Can avail if required of 15 days return policy.

The best features of this phone besides being a window phone it that it has a slimline body design, wide angle front and back camera, extra long battery life and a touchscreen that can be used even when gloves are worn. It has a polycarbonate build and 4.3 inch display screen. Since it is only 9mm thick it is the first phone which has the uni body polycarbonate shell. It has an internal memory of 8gb but it can be expanded to 64gb. The battery type is a li-on battery. It is a single use sim phone and wifi enabled phone. There is a one year warranty provided by the maufacturer on Nokia Lumia 720. It is a smart phone that comes with good looks and high end technology. Don’t let this opportunity die and get Best offer on Nokia Lumia 720 64GB today!

One Response to “Best offer on Nokia Lumia 720 64 Gb Cyan Priced at Rs15,910 Only”

  1. Narmad

    At initial i had set my notice found on the “yet to release” Nokia lumia 620 nevertheless today because Nokia simply announced the Nokia lumia . I cannot control me plus i am getting lured towards the Nokia lumia 720. However there is a especially big query . Will nokia take a big amount of time to create its accessibility because it did inside case of 620.
    However i furthermore think which mite be nokia delayed the launch of 620 inside purchase to launch it with its companions 720 plus 520 . And consequently may be Both the phones (620 plus 720) receive introduced inside the coming week???
    I am inside a fairly big Dillemma . Please aid men.!!!!!….. Help….!!!!


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