Best offer on PUMA backpack Unisex Black King Shoe Bag just at Rs 879!

Sonali Singh

Got sick of your banal and hackneyed shoe bag?? Embarrassed wearing it?? You are visiting the right PAGE then..!!! Shoe bags are always an asset when it comes to carrying a number of miniature items. So here is something enticing PUMA has to offer. Bringing to you the best offer on PUMA backpack unisex black King Shoe Bag just for Rs 879- that’s an eye-popping discount of 20%.

How buy the best offer on PUMA backpack shoe bag?

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PUMA backpack unisex shoe bag can be used multifariously and can add a lot more comfort to your holiday planning, short trips, shopping, schooling etc. You can gather your scattered tiny possessions and stuff them up into your PUMA backpack shoe bag. The unisex trendy cache suits men and women perfectly.  A ‘not-to-miss deal’ for anybody, and for those who have an irresistible wanderlust, they should not be missing this at all. So, tell your track-suits or trekking jackets that they have a new companion to rock your trudges even. And grab home today, the best offer on PUMA backpack at a mouth-watering discount of 20%.

  • Puma presents this amazing shoe bag that is sleek, convenient and stylish. Slip into your travel bag while you’re on short trips.

Beautifully blended combo of rich black and white, crafted from 75% polyester and 25% polyurethane, PUMA backpack unisex shoe bag is a robust mix. Styled with a zipper, the bag is sufficiently capacious to accommodate your small essentials. Let not the verve and style in you, wane and avail the best offer on PUMA backpack unisex black king Shoe Bag at 20% off.

Product Details:

  • Black shoe bag with white accents, Puma Cat logo on the upper left side.
  • One main zipped compartment and a haul loop on the side.
  • Warranty: 3 months against manufacturing defects.

Material and Care:

  • 75% polyester, 25% Polyurethane.
  • Wipe with damp cloth when required.

Size and fit:

Length: 19cm

Width: 34cm

Bag your bag on clicks!! And get PUMA backpack Shoe Bag at a lavish discount of 20% NOW!!

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  1. Deepdas

    i purchased certain Puma Suede White Natural Gum, I have been wearing them with blue jeans plus i have only observed which they are stained blue where the jeans rub them, any suggestions?


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