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Is your system over with it’s storage capacity and still you have stuff to be kept? We have a solution for you. Buy Best offer on Transcend 500 GB external hard disk and enjoy trouble free storage. Store your things in lot without worrying for space as now with Best offer on Transcend 500 GB external hard disk, you can buy one for just Rs. 3445

How to get Best offer on Transcend 500 GB External Hard Disk:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Buy Now to buy the product
  3. Also you can see other combo offers down the same link.

500 GB is extremely high capacity to store all your pictures, movies, files, documents etc. It sums up all your data in a small compact system and enables you to reuse it as per your need.

Key Features:

One of the features that stands out in the Transcend 25M2 Hard disk drive is its design and build quality. The slim and portable Transcend drive has a protective Silicone outer shell that not only makes the drive look good, but also facilitates a strong. The Transcend hard drive weighs only 206 gms so is very handy. Its easy for a 206 gms hard drive to shift at any place and also to take it along with you, some day when needed.

The hard drive is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems, the StoreJet hard disk drive is very flexible and features easy Plug and Play operation for easy accessibility.

Special Features:

The Transcend hard drive comes with impressive features to ensure the safety and security of all the data stored in your drive. The strong and sturdy disk drive comes with 3-stage shock protection system that combines vibration absorbing silicone outer shell, reinforced hard casing and an internal hard drive suspension damper. hard drive is sure to keep all your data safe from physical harm.

Transcend Elite backup and security software, which comes pre-loaded with this hard disk drive, ensures the safety all your media assets stored in the drive from getting lost or corrupted. Elite software provides a quick and easy way to backup all the data from your computer or laptop to the Transcend hard disk. Transcend Elite also features One-Touch Auto Backup. One Touch Backup feature enables you to take an instant backup of your computer or laptop with just a click of a button.

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