Best Price Acer Gateway NE56R Laptop from Flipkart at Flat Rs 21400

Sonali Singh

Has your old computer been annoying you? Is its configuration not enough now to cater to your needs? Well change to something that is latest and fresh. Bringing to you the best price Acer Gateway laptop from Take a dive into the latest features and applications. Get the Acer NE56R Gateway laptop on flipkart for Rs 21,400/- only. Acer is a company that has been producing the quality products always. Since its existence it is known amonst the giants in producing electronic products. Check out the details now and get the Acer now.

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best price Acer gateway ne56r laptop

The processor of the laptop being the Intel Sandy bridge processor. Hence speeding up the whole processing speed. Delivering high performance, it comes with a touch pad. The touch pad is armored with the multi-touch gestures. The keyboard of the Acer Laptop is of full size. Also it has flat and broad keys that give ease of typing. The beautiful Acer Gateway has sleek exterior and a solid form factor. Now when laptops have become part and parcel of life, you just cannot miss this one.

The Acer NE56R comes with a 15.6 inches wide screen. Also a stair master for fingers, the layout of the keyboard is neat and clean. The sparkling finish makes the laptop look classy. It also has the Intel HD Graphics card with the DDR3 technology. The smart and sexy Acer is a must have laptop. You can nurture your geeky instincts with the wondrous laptop. Also it has the ultrabright backlit TFT LCD that makes watching pictures and videos a delight. Very premium design of the Acer NE56R laptop makes it a catchy add-on to your tech shelves.

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