Best Sale on Shoes Sandals Boots – Upto 60% OFF



A new online shopping portal FASHIONARA is offering the best sale on shoes sandals and boots. You can get up to 60% OFF on the shoes that you purchase. New customers can save an extra 20% by registering today.

How to get to the best sale on shoes and also get an additional 20% OFF?

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Choose among various kinds of shoes and sandals and select them.
  3. 3. Click on BUY to get discount upto 60% on shoes and sandals.

No matter whichever dress you wear, it might just be incomplete without a pair of perfect shoes or sandals. In the best sale on shoes, you can get variety of shoes with a discount up to 60%. At Fashionara, you can get the shoes and sandals of various brands, styles and colours. So if you like to wear a matching footwear on all your dresses, then its the best time to shop online from the best sale on shoes at Fashionara. Men can purchase shoes for their office wear as wear as their casual wear. And women can wear party wear sandals, beautiful sandals, slippers for rains etc. Its very important to wear the perfect footwear with any dress as your personality might just look ugly with imperfect shoes. The shoes and sandals available on Fashionara are comfortable, easy to wear and affordable.


Picture 1 –

  • Heel height: 0.5 cm approx.
  • Cushioned upper
  • PU outsole
  • Fabric bow on upper
  • Patterned heel for grip

Picture 2 –

  • The product shown here is a size 9/ 43
  • Upper: Suede
  • Insole: Fabric
  • Outsole: T.P.R

So what are you waiting for? Just go to Fashionara right away and get you choice of shoes and sandals from a varied collection online.

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2 Responses to “Best Sale on Shoes Sandals Boots – Upto 60% OFF”

  1. My feet plus sandals begin to stink inside the summer. Maybe from sweat, i don’t learn. How could I avoid this?

  2. Shailendra

    What are these sandals called plus where may i receive them?
    What are these sandals called plus where will i receive them?
    Okay ive watched countless females wearing them plus i need several. They look very inexpensive, they are brown (what ive enjoyed mostly) they have 1 (2 sometimes) strap horizontally on them thats it. They look like jesus sandals. Links will be awesome, thanks a lot!


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Upto 60% off