Best Semi DSLR Sony DSC-H100 Point and Shoot 21x Optical zoom

Fatima Ansari

Do you have this mindset that DSLR cameras are way too expensive and hence, beyond your reach? We will change your mindset right here, Best Semi DSLR Sony DSC-H100 just for INR 11151/- only. The market price of this camera is INR 11990/-, but on it is available after a 7% discount. At the cost of a digital camera now you can gift yourself a semi DSLR. Can it get any better? This one comes with a large lens on the outside and excellent hump with rubberize finish for the perfect grip. Best Semi DSLR Sony DSC-H100 is a blessing in disguise for anyone, especially amateurs pursuing photography.


The easy-to-use control panel comes with big buttons that include navigation of menu and changing settings of the camera, very comfortably. The control panel also comprises of a D-pad that includes flash settings, self timer, smile shutter and display info, and thereby, stating that this camera is the best buy you and I can have. You really do not have to be a pro to own this camera. Getting to the technical aspects/main features of the Best Semi DSLR Sony DSC-H100 is the 21 x optical zoom, 35 mm equivalent focal length: 25-525 mm, HD recording, 16.1 megapixel, ISO 80 – 3200 Sensitivity, super HAD CCD Image Sensor and f/3.1- f/8.9 Aperture.

How to get the Best Semi DSLR Sony DSC-H100 at INR 11151/- only?

  1. Go to by clicking here.
  2. Click on buy now and place order.

2 Responses to “Best Semi DSLR Sony DSC-H100 Point and Shoot 21x Optical zoom”

  1. Vibhu

    I am planning to purchase a DSLR camera. I like fine art photography plus like to shoot abstract, land, nature photos- flowers, leaves, buds etc. 🙂 Which brand’s that camera is a best choice for me? What must I look for whenever I purchase a DSLR camera? I am a complete beginner, thus, dear photography fans, please aid me choose a wise beginner’s DSLR.

    Thank we a lot for the aid, ahead of time.

  2. Rajyeshwar

    So I’m lookin into getting a DSLR camera, I have performed a lot of photography nevertheless only with all the regular digital cameras. I’m supposed to be taking several SR photos plus certain sports kind images. I’ve usually desired to receive a DSLR camera however simply haven’t had the income. What are the greatest types for individuals seeking to take more professional photos, yet I don’t wanna pay a lot of cash! Thanks 🙂


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