Get BlackBerry Curve 9220 Black at Rs 7794 – 18% OFF from Amazon



Be the proud owner of a smartphone which you always wanted and envy your friends who own it. Now is the right time to buy the BlackBerry Curve 9220 Black at only Rs.7794 that is 18% off on the original cost of Rs.8590. 

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  • Buy BlackBerry Curve 9220 Black only for Rs.7794.
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Now enjoy the features of a smartphone at such low pricing. BBM being the vital mode of communication now days among each and everyone and thus will find a dedicated BBM- BlackBerry Messenger key on this BlackBerry Curve 9220 Black phone. You also have lots of applications to chose from the BlackBerry store like Twitter, Facebook, Whatzz app as well as lots and lots of games to chose from. Pick the ones which are of your selection from the vast choices now.

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Black is a smartphone which anyone will be proud of as it is useful equally to both young people and professional people. This BlackBerry Curve 9220 is the latest phone which has a longest battery life in this range which is the most important thing in a smartphone. It is powered with the BlackBerry 7.1 OS so it is fast and smooth operation which helps to use multiple applications with no glitches. It also have a FM Radio thus you can enjoy unlimited music on the go.This smartphone live up to its name as it has WiFi connectivity to connect you to the internet and also have a mobile hot spot feature which allows you to use your 2G/3G data to be used in any other devices like your laptops and tablets. It has a built in camera of  2 pixels to shoot or record your memorable moments and has a 2.44 inch scratch free screen to view all your important documents, pictures  or any thing else on the go.

One Response to “Get BlackBerry Curve 9220 Black at Rs 7794 – 18% OFF from Amazon”

  1. Deependra

    Maybe it’s not even possible – however, how will I record anything & set it because my ringtone w/ my blackberry curve?

    I wish To be albe to record a line off of tv, or perhaps a snipit of my favorite song, plus then set which because my ringtone. How do I do which?


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