Buy Blaupunkt BT HS 112 Ear Headset at Flipkart – Flat 56% Off


The premium product in the superb price range can be none other than the Blaupunkt BT HS 112. Offering you a 56% discount on it can be at none other place than This originally cost Rs.1490 but can be bought here for Rs.649.You can avail for 30 days replacement guarantee that is easy and hassle free. It has the amazing feature of noise reduction and cancellation. Thus you can have a clear conversation even if there is noise around as this feature helps reduce the sound around. A very must and important feature while using a handset. It has excellent Sound Quality with DSP Solution. The wireless frequency response is 2.4 Ghz.

How to buy blaupunkt BT HS 112:-

  • The best selling headset – Blaupunkt BT HS 112.
  • Click on buy now.
  • Proceed to payment that is safe and secure.

Price Comparison :

Amazon : Rs 1118.

Snapdeal : Rs 1266.

Ear Headset

The Blaupunkt BT HS 112 has the call control buttons. The answer and end call, reject and mute option, last redial number, power on and off, transfer and call deny. Thus allowing you easy access for any kind of calls you need to do. The battery used is the lithium polymer battery with a battery output of 3.7 V. Time to give away the old headsets that give you hang ups on your calls. You can now freely move around while having a conversation due to the added advantage of it working even at a distance.

The 6 gram blaupunkt headset comes with a host of other features such as answer/end call, call reject & mute, last number redial, power on and off, call transfer and call deny. All the features and function are a level higher than as compared to the other bluetooth’s. The voice transmission through mic is loud and clear. This headset fits really well and comfortable.

Product features:-

  1. USB supported.
  2. Bluetooth range 10 metres.
  3. Bluetooth version is 3.0 EDR.
  4. Talking of 4 hours / 240 minutes.
  5. Built in micorphone.
  6. Special discount.

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Rs 1490
Rs 649