Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Rs 3229 Only


Technology is moving towards Wireless devices and accessories. since everyone is on the move, the desire fro wireless accessories are increasing everyday. Headset is such a device.  People like carrying there headset to Gym, on strolls, while playing and where not. Wouldn’t it be nice if you get a fully powered headset in a wireless hardware. Sounds amazing? Of-course it does.

Technology and Mobile giant Nokia has reveled its new Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 in market. The headset is not only sleek and trendy in its design but also carries some of the latest features and technologies. The Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset comes with built-in NFC along-with Bluetooth. So you can just touch it and play songs with NFC enabled devices. The headset has a huge bass and great clarity. The material used on the outer covering makes this Bluetooth Stereo Headset dust and splash resistant.

Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is available on HomeShop18 just for Rs 3,229 on the application of discount coupon code DCFQ618UP182.

Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset

How to buy Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Rs 2744 Only: 

1. Buy Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Rs 2744 Only.

2. Click on Buy Now.

3. Apply discount coupon code DCFQ618UP182.

4. Delivered in 5 – 6 Working Days

5. Free Shipping

5 Responses to “Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Rs 3229 Only”

  1. ani.varma

    Thank You Dealstan.
    I just Bought these Headphones/
    They were super Cheap and good as expected!

    • You’re most welcome.. We have more such amazing deals.. Come back for more..

  2. Ikrimah

    may nokia bluetooth stereo headset BH-503 be paired with a computer?

  3. This really is within the computer I have, when it assists. I have no clue exactly what it signifies.
    Part Number Description
    PA3455U-1BTM Toshiba USB Adapter with Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
    PA3466U-1ETC Toshiba Wireless Stereo Headset with Bluetooth
    How do I install the driver? plus were do I receive it?

  4. Devarpana

    I’m seeking to purchase a stereo bluetooth headset thats very inexpensive, however, I don’t wish To purchase it from a spot which sells the fake ones. The stereo bluetooth headset I like to purchase is the Motorola S9 or the Motorola HT820. Any different suggestions are welcome. Please offer a link where I may purchase them cheaply.


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