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Sonali Singh

When its chilly winters and hot tea or coffee is the most loved beverage. You wanna carry hot beverage on your trip or picnic or even contrarily when cough and cold distresses you and you are advised to sip warm water in order to speed up the healing process.In all such situations, only companion comes up and stands truly by your expectations. Bluplast Insulated Water bottle sipper brought to you by at a price of Rs 299/- only.

How to get the Bluplast Insulated Water Bottle sipper?

  1. Shop for Bluplast Insulated Water Bottle sipper.
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Delivered in 2 – 5 business days.
  4. Minimal Shipping charges Rs 20/-.
  5. Products sold are 100% genuine and come with warranty.
  6. Orders can also be tracked online.
  7. Money back guarantee to serve the customers better.

The water bottle sipper is an all time companion of yours when you need it.Just pour the hot contents in the water bottle sipper and it returns you the same steaming hot delectable content even after long hours.You can enjoy your favorite contents whenever you want to.And not only hot, even if the contents are to be enjoyed cold, the water bottle sipper keeps the contents cold even for long duration.

As it is made out of insulated material that follows science such that the insulated material never lets the hotness or coldness radiate from the bottle hence keeping the state intact.Bluplast’s thermo insulated water bottles are made from special foodgrade materials to keep the contents free of unpleasant smell of plastic.The Polyurethane foam insulation inside double walled casing maintains the temperature for longer duration.The special lining inside, ensures cold and odourless hygienic drinking water for you at any time, anywhere.So you do not have to go through the hassle of warming your tea, water , coffee or anything again and again, just keep it safe in the water bottle sipper.Or contrarily you do not have to worry about the cold water getting warm as you can save it in the water bottle sipper.

Product Details:

  • Insulated Water Bottle 600ML.
  • Keep contents hot or cold for hours.
  • Easy to carry clip.
  • 100% Food Grade, Odourless & Hygiene.
  • Warning : Pet inners not suitable for hot liquids beyond 600C.

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Rs 299