Bonita Multi Colour Wonder Wall Cloth Dryer Combo Set @ Rs 1827 Only



Is space a constraint in your house for drying clothes? Indiatimes Shopping has come up with a value for money deal for the household ladies. A Multi Colour Wonder Wall Cloth Dryer can be at your home at just Rs. 1,827. Yes straight 45% off. Isn’t that awesome?


How to buy Multi Colour Wonder Wall Cloth Dryer

Multi Colour Wonder Wall Cloth Dryer will dry all your clothes even in consisted areas. In a very small area, it flexibly adjusts and dries up your whole lot of wet clothes. Not only this, you can choose your favorite color and can decorate your home space. Indiatimes Shopping provides you additional gifts of Hangers, Mat and an Ironing Board. Now dry your wet clothes then iron it on an Ironing Board and the last hang it in your wardrobe in beautiful hangers.

Product Description:

From the house of Bonita comes a combo set that will appeal to you instantly. It consists of a Wonder Wall cloth dryer with which you get a free six piece plastic cloth hanger, a mini tabletop ironing board, a free silicon mat and one extra cover. Now, isn’t this quite a steal? Wonder Wall Dryer is quite the wonder of its own. The body of this wall dryer is white in colour and the hinges/brackets are blue in colour.

The user friendly design will help you effectively use the vertical space of your walls especially of the balcony which otherwise goes waste. While the multipurpose ironing board is custom-made for homes where space is a major constraint. Portable, foldable, lightweight, this one can easily be hung on a wall too. Ideal for everyday use, its anti-skid feet and the epoxy powder coating ensure durability and sturdiness. Order this combo set today!!!

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