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Look like a dapper right out of a magazine cover in this Boot Style Men Formal Lace Ups Shoes. There isn’t anything that will make you look stylish and give you a confidence boost like a pair of good shoes, such as these. Whether for business or for that hot date, This number will make you look on top of your game.  They are an absolute must have to complete your look. They are classic and has a timeless simplicity, crafted with an attention to detail to give you that ultimate comfort and style. Buy them for Rs 699 Only! Get yourself a pair of this high-quality shoe and tell us if you don’t get compliments for it!

How to buy Boot Style Men Formal Lace Ups Shoes at Rs 699 Only?


Attention men. Shoes can reveal everything about us!! I mean everything. They can tell the kind of job we are in, the place where we live, our personality traits even how we live our life. Hence its imperative that we choose our footwear wisely. They can either make or break a look. It’s a universal truth that good shoes and good clothes go together, yet even if you own just one great pair of shoes it can be enough to rescue even the most questionable wardrobe disaster.

We all know that men’s formal shoes are ridiculously expensive,they can make huge craters in our pockets. But not necessarily. Today we can challenge that rule. Buy Boot Style Men Formal Lace Ups Shoes for Rs 699, a formal shoes that will suit your style and also to your pocket. Smart and aesthetically designed this formal shoe is very popular with the man who would like a touch of uniqueness in his dress footwear. They are not only meant for the business meetings, you can wear the formal shoes to wedding functions, anniversary parties, formal dinner, and other semi-formal gatherings also. This pair of formal shoe is elegant, classic, smartly designed and durable formal shoes which is really affordable.

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Rs 699