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Lets get to know what a solar lamp is first. A solar lamp is a portable light fixture. They are made up of LED lamp, solar panel and rechargeable battery. As the name says these lamps generate their power from the solar system. They work on the energy that is consumed and preserved when exposed to solar. Solar lamps can be used for various purposes like for any outdoor decoration, In swimming pool areas, for home uses etc. Thus by FutureBazar.com you can avail for the discount on the BPL Solar Lantern. This lantern cost Rs.1590 in the market. Now buy this for Rs.1310 here. No hidden cost, no coupon code. Simply being sold the discounted price.

How to buy BPL Solar Lantern at Lowest Price:-

The Solar Lantern is a eco friendly lantern. Solar Lantern at Lowest Price charges with the help of the solar system thus avoiding the charge through the power system. It is an easy to operate with a soft push switch to it. It has detachable charging cable. This helps in better portability. It can work for a continous 10 hours on a single tube on full battery. The main purpose of this Solar Lantern at Lowest Price is to illuminate your room. Can be used as a party equipment. Darken your room and switch this on. It will be a complete party set mood and may seem like a dance floor. Thus enjoying your party as well as being eco friendly too at the same time. Also on sudden power cuts where there is not source of power. You can use this solar generated power lantern in the form of light. Working on rechargable batteries this Solar Lantern at Lowest Price also saves cost on buying new batteries every now and then.

Product key features:-

  1. Long life battery.
  2. Push type – on and off.
  3. Innovative frosted lenses.
  4. Qool daylight- white illumination.

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