Brand Jeans at flat 25% off! Men and Women rejoice!!!

Sowmya Nair

Brand Jeans by Roadster is available for you at flat 20% off. Now is the time to finally buy a new pair of jeans and throw your old ones. Jeans are by far the best thing that happened to mankind and most men would agree to this. Couple it with a t-shirt and you could hang out with your friends, with a shirt you could wear it with your workplace. A good brand jeans with a nice kurta can be worn to a wedding and with a jacket a brand jeans can be worn to a reception. Jeans is really the one best solution to all your ‘what should I wear today’ questions. They just go well with any kind of top you adore. Look elegant, posh, rogue or just plain casual with a smart pair of brand jeans with almost no effort. No wonders jeans have been around for hundreds of years! What would we have done if an amazing discovery like this hadn’t happened?

Brand Jeans

How to buy a Brand Jeans from Roadster at flat 25% off:

1. Go to

2. Select the jeans of your choice. Click on BUY

3. Use Coupon Code MSALE at checkout to avail 25% discount


Product Description:

1. 98% cotton, 2% elastane
2. Machine wash cold
3. You are unique and wouldn’t like it if the Creator made too many people ditto.
Similarly, this product is unique, handmade and crafted with love.
There are no two products we make, which will ever be ditto.
4. To maintain a high degree of authenticity, we advise our patrons to wash our products separately and expect some fading, colour bleeding and wear and tear.

5. The article ages uniquely as you treat it, acquiring your personalised feel.Go on, enjoy this specially created product to the hilt. Have fun.


3 Responses to “Brand Jeans at flat 25% off! Men and Women rejoice!!!”

  1. Ghanshyam

    I desire cut several circles inside my denim jeans, they’re 98% cotton 2% lycra when which counts for anything.

    I don’t desire the ‘I’m thus cool considering I wore my jeans thus much which they’ve today go holes inside them’ look. I don’t need the circles which I cut to fray.

    If I only gut them with scissors would the cirlces remain cleanly cut? Or would I have to sew outer edge?

  2. I am a comparatively skinny 14 year aged girl plus I have yet to locate a brand of jeans which fits me perfectly. abercrombie kids jeans fit me fine, however, american eagle jeans where i store not have size 00 or 0. (HOLLISTER TOO.) And i would quite not purchase online considering i wish To learn what they look like on me. Are brands of jeans which are prepared for skinnier females? Thanks for all of we assist!

  3. Samresh

    Levi’s, never give me such a conform from jeans. I have to have thick thread jeans.
    I prefer to like skinny fit jeans.


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Brand Jeans
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