Branded Baggit Ladies Handbags and Clutches At Rs 595 Only

Sowmya Nair

There’s a handbag for every occasion, a handbag for every mood. And a woman can’t stop until she has enough of it. Handbag lovers, we have news for you. Not just news, let’s say a whole lot of surprises. A black bag for casual use, a blue one to make your heart happy, a pink because you are girl, and a yellow handbag when you feel like being all funky. You know you want it all. Now is your chance! Myntra is here to make you very happy. Get to choose from Branded Kara Baggit Lavie Ladies Handbags. They also have many other brands like Lavie, Pepperone, Nyk women etc.

How to buy branded Baggit Ladies Handbags starting at Rs 595:

  1. Check the Branded Baggit Ladies handbags from Jabong.
  2. Select a product of your choice and click on BUY NOW.
  3. Shipping in 1 business day.

Here are some of the recommended Bags for ladies which you can buy online:

You can also check some collection from Jabong.


Baggit Black Cases And Pouches at Rs 595



Baggit Blue Cases And Pouches at Rs 625

Baggit Grey Handbag at Rs 1325


Baggit Brown Handbag at Rs 2475



Baggit Domini Bindas Black Handbag at Rs 2150 

Baggit Domini Bindas Black Handbag



Get flat 30% off on Branded Baggit Ladies handbags from Myntra. Ladies, waste no time. Buy for yourself or gift it to a dear friend. Handbags are just as mood enhancing as a bar of chocolate or couple of spoons of peanut butter! But only better because it last you for a very long time!

Also checkout the Baggit collection at

20 Responses to “Branded Baggit Ladies Handbags and Clutches At Rs 595 Only”

  1. Kahill

    It absolutely expense me a lot to purchase louis vuitton handbags, I should keep it clean. Please allow me understand how to keep it clean.

  2. Ratan

    I see these females with either red or Light blue or pink colored handbags plus they have tan handles plus tan logo plus I only can’t receive the name of them. I see them about campus all time plus i sought to recognize what was their budget bc they’re thus cute. If you recognize plz inform me.

  3. Hardeep

    I would like to commence marketing handbags, jewellery etc from house nevertheless am not certain when there are any catalogues available to receive?

  4. Can somebody please information me where plus how to commence off my line of handbags please. looking for new arrivals.

    • Yes, Veena you can use coupon code to get Discount at Myntra and Jabong.

  5. I am searching a handbags for my specialized 1.Many branded handbags are from oversea that I think its difficult to receive 1.

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  7. Amar Ashish

    For my Bat Mitzva, my parents( okay, my mom) are considering getting a bag for me. So what are the greatest brands, considering the standard of the bag?

  8. Kavya Prasad

    Baggit seems to be good brand but is any other brand at same price and must be trendy.

    Sahi rate par availbale ho to jyada better hia ? kya discount milega !

  9. srilatha

    we are not getting any discount on Baggit products. Please inform how to avail coupons.

    • Apply Coupon Code: SHOP30 at Myntra to avail discount of 30% on Rs 2999 Purchase.
      At Jabong Apply Coupon Code: STYLE37 to avail discount.

  10. Ram Hayer

    I love to carry white handbags. I do it all year around.Its my signature, a white bag. Baggit got any white hangbags?

  11. Hello, I’m a 14 year aged girl and I’m trying to find a fresh bag considering mine is breaking. It is a green plus white patterned 1 from American Eagle which I was provided as a present. I would like a bag which is either black or gray however, will have additional colors inside. I love roses thus I would like it to have them on it. I have been trying to find a bag all morning however, haven’t found 1 I like. It should be useful. Please provide me certain suggestions. Please provide hyperlinks.
    Additionally I like vintage stuff


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Rs 595
Rs 595