Branded Treadmill Manual JOGGER 4 IN 1 from Kamachi For Rs.9,972

Sowmya Nair

Morning hustle, poor breakfast, unhealthy lunch and an entire day of sitting in front of a computer is a very dangerous lifestyle. We’ve all read and heard about the harms this kind of life style can cause to us. There are only a few ways to ensure long healthy life. One of it is exercise. Right? Yes. Agreed that nobody has the time to step out for gym or walk. How about you do it at home? Gift yourself a Branded Treadmill Manual Jogger from KAMACHI today and take that one tiny step towards good health. This Branded Treadmill Manual Jogger has 4 in 1 properties – stepper, jogger, twister and push up bar. Lets get into your Gym shoes and get you into the shape you’ve always wanted. In other words, this is all you need to stay fit!branded treadmill manual jogger

How to Buy Branded Treadmill Manual JOGGER 4 IN 1 For Rs 9,972:

  1. Buy Branded Treadmill Manual Jogger from KAMACHI
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Use Shopclues Coupon Code SC4FS10 to get an additional 35% Off!

Product Properties:

1.Best Tread Mill for Home Use.
2.4 in 1 – stepper, jogger, twister, push up bar.
3.Compact & Foldable,suitable for whole family.
4.Easy to store.
5.5 Digital Window and Hand pulse.
6.Maximum user weight capicity 105 Kg.
7.6 months Warranty .
8.Items shipped to North Eastern States
and West Bengal can take more than usual delivery time.

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branded treadmill manual jogger
Rs. 9,972