Budget Tops and Dresses all Under Rs 999 + Express Shipping

Deepika Dewan

Spring cleaning is kind of over. Welcome the summer woes in a stylish and chic way. Fashionandyou.com brings Budget Tops and Dresses Under Rs 999 that will bring into limelight your eclectic taste in dressing. Lovely greys, blacks, turquoise, greens and reds short dresses that bring a refreshing change to your overall looks. The outfits are stunning, so also is the color palette.  Perfect indulgence for the ever-experimental diva in you.

The Budget Tops and Dresses not only have the feminine glam but the substance that adds shades to your personality. Add a pinch of spunk along with dollops of modest to your persona and see how you look the easy-going babe. Pick a top and matching dress and go dare everyone including yourself.

How to avail of Budget Tops and Dresses all Under Rs 999?

  • Click on the link to select Tops and Dresses.
  • Click Buy.


Cottinfab Dress – Rs. 949 Rs. 499
Cottinfab Dress - Rs. 499

Now that’s some juicy red hot look for the stunning you featuring A line dress with square neck.

En Tease Tube Dress – Rs. 999 Rs. 599

En Tease Tube Dress - Rs. 599

Tube dress in cotton that has the summer vogue and class.

Ayaany Dress – Rs. 899 Rs. 649

Ayaany Dress - Rs. 649

Red colored dress that looks best for evening cocktails.

Vvoguish Dress – Rs. 1299 Rs. 699 
Vvoguish Dress - Rs. 699

Irresistible black in skin-friendly viscose material that looks svelte and sexy.

Vvoguish Dress – Rs. 1299 Rs. 699

Vvoguish Dress - Rs. 699.JPG blue

Turquoise colored dress from the house of Vvoguish that has the suave appeal for the gorgeous you.  

Vvoguish Dress – Rs. 1299 Rs. 699 

Vvoguish Dress - Rs. 699.JPG grey

White and Grey patterned dress that looks perfect to chase summer blues.

Vvoguish Dress – Rs. 1699 Rs. 899 

Vvoguish Dress - Rs. 899

White sleeveless top and black skirt that looks cool as cucumber.

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Rs 1299
Rs 899