Butterfly Glittery black Slip on Heels for women at Rs 799 – 30% OFF


Butterfly Glittery black  Slip on heels for women @ Rs 799 – 30% OFF. By all means wear high heels if they make you feel good, but it’s not worth breaking your ankles over such fripperies. Slip on BLOCK heels trendy stylish yet comfortable.SDL285276074_1371795562_image1

How to get Butterfly Glittery black  Slip on heels for women @ Rs 799

  1. Buy black Slip on heels for women @ Rs 799 only.
  2. Click on Buy now.
  3. Free delivery by snapdeal.com.

I know your feelings about high heels – , you hate them? – but I think they’re beautiful and so many women’s outfits require them. I just can’t seem to wear them without my feet aching though. How do other women do it? Well if u like wearing heels or want to wear them and you are afraid of the pain in your ankles, here it is  black Slip on heels for women .I don’t hate high heels. I do hate that they are signifies of female elegance when, in my experience, the vast majority of women find them extremely painful and hobbling. I also resent that the point of them seems to be to make a woman’s foot look smaller: as though women didn’t suffer enough criticism about their bodies,I very much take your point about how many women’s outfits require high heels but I think what you need to separate in your mind, Savannah, is whether you genuinely want to wear them (because they’re “beautiful”), or whether you think you should, because the fashion industry and society tell you to do so. But most importantly, remember this: women are told that they must do many things in order to look glamorous or properly feminine, whatever the hell that is, and it’s all nonsense. By all means, wear high heels or play with eyeliner, but do it for yourself, not because you think you should, and remember, you’re absolutely fabulous without such fripperies, too. So if it gets to a point where you’re breaking your ankles do not  waste time jus buy this slip on platform heels.

Product Description

  • Brand : Butterfly.
  • Heel Shape : Platform.
  • Wear-ability : Daily.
  • Heel Height : Medium Heel.
  • Color : Black.

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