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Fatima Ansari

Men do not have many accessories to flaunt. But two of the most essential accessories definitely consist of belts and wallets. Take a break from the boring black wallet and add some spice to be little experimenting. Dealstan brings you a super saver Bags and Wallet Offer to help you enjoy this Diwali to the fullest. The Diwali offer is available on

How to Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Bags and Wallet Offer | Bagskart Diwali Sale?

  1. Shop for Wallets and Belts. 
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Or combine with other purchases and click on Proceed to Pay.
  4. Use Discount Coupon code BAGTOBER  to enjoy extra 20% off on purchase above INR 1599/-.

The Bags and Wallet Offer comprises of stylish different styles and designs of wallets and belts in all colours. If you are fascinated by zodiac signs there is whole collection of zodiac signs wallets by Vincent Chase. The wallets are in brown with the zodiac signs logo embossed on it with the name of the sign. Braided belts in vibrant colours are the ‘in’ thing now. Available in yellow, green, red, blue and so on. You will even find smartly designed black wallets with pipings in different colours. The suede wallets by Feelgood re highly sophisticated. Vintage looking wallets with classic cars embossed on it are just a few unique designs available. If you are a fan of cloth belts, you are reading the right deal.

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