Buy 1TB Hard Disk from Seagate at 41% + 10% off!

Sowmya Nair

If you are a new age person you would agree that space is never enough. Not matter how much space you have, you always want more. There is a solution for this problem – a 1TB hard disk. Buy 1TB hard Disk from Seagate for Rs. 4,575 + an additional 10% coupon discount. Use coupon code STORAGE10. Its safe to keep a backup of all your important work files. Better be safe than sorry. Also, 1TB means a whole lot of songs and your favorite movies. Buy 1 TB hard disk from Seagate and carry your music and movies around. Impress your friends with your choice of music and show them you’ve got taste! Buy 1TB hard disk at a huge discount and feel safe.

How to buy 1TB Hard Disk from Seagate:

1. Go to Tradus.com1TB Hard Disk

2. Click on BUY NOW

3. Use Coupon Code STORAGE10 to avail an additional 10% discount

Product Description:

Powerful storage that’s portable.

Take the no-nonsense approach to taking your files with you.

Available in a range of capacities, from 250GB to 1.5TBUSB powered.
The USB 3.0 cable is backward compatible with USB 2.0 interfaces so you can access files from any PC
Straightforward to use.

No software to install.

Automatically recognized by Windows

Simply drag and drop to save files.


Model Number : STAX1000302 
Interface: USB 3.0
Capacity: 1TB 


Height :17.6mm (0.69 in)
Width :80.01mm (3.15 in)
Length :141.29mm (5.56 in)
Weight (typical): 160g (.35 lb)


Spin Speed (RPM): 5400 RPM

2 Responses to “Buy 1TB Hard Disk from Seagate at 41% + 10% off!”

  1. Abishek

    I’ve enjoyed 2 Seagate Hard Drives on amazon:

    Seagate Expansion 2 TB External Hard Drive, USB 2.0 [128.99]


    Seagate STAY2000202 2TB Expansion 3.5 inch Hard Drive [£99.99]

    Does anybody learn the difference between those 2? Thanks!

  2. Sanal

    I have an older computer hdd – seagate momentus 4200

    i wish To employ it because an exterior drive. what kind of exterior enclosure is compatible with all the hdd’s interface?
    I counted the pins found on the back plus it has 22 columns plus found on the 13th column there is just 1 pin. All the others have 2.

    There are moreover 2 more columns of 2 for jumpers. These were not included inside the count above.


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1TB Hard Disk
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