Buy 5 Bags Combo at Rs.1349 – Backpack | Utility | Sling | Travel Bags

Sowmya Nair

A backpack, Utility Bag, Sling, Travel bag, a flip bag, handbag and pouch – Buy 5 bags combo and save all of Rs. 3,400! Get it all at one shot. Save time, save money!

How to buy 5 Bags Combo at Rs. 1349 – Backpack | Utility | Sling | Travel Bags:

Buy 5 bags combo

  1. Buy 5 Bags Combo at Rs. 1349 – Backpack | Utility | Sling | Travel Bags from
  2. Click on ORDER
  3. Apply coupon code 0811-723547 to get additional Rs. 250 off!

We all want a number of bags for various purposes. A backpack for daily use, a sling back when you don’t have to carry too much, a flip bag to carry book for college, a travel bag for those awesome trips, a bag for gym clothes and a travel pouch. How about getting it all at one shot? A paying a lot less? That will be super, right? Buy 5 Bags Combo with one click!

Why waste time everytime you have to buy a bag? Buy it all at once. An amazing 68% is hard to come. Don’t you often spend atleast 500-1000 Rs on one bag every time in need? So when you get 5 great bags at just Rs. 1349, you should take complete advantage of the deal! Go to college or work and show off the flip bag or backpack. Plan exciting weekend trips and take the travel bag along. The pouch is very handy, you could carry makeup or toilet essentials. Overall, a great deal you might want to pay attention to. Don’t miss it!

Good quality, all options in one, you should totally show it off. Don’t forget to apply coupon 0811-723547 to get additional Rs. 250 off! You will absolutely totally love it!



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