Buy 6 In 1 Educational Solar Powered Robot Kit at Rs 298


This summer vacation, Let your kids to play and learn with Educational Solar Powered Robot Kit that to at very reasonable price of Rs 298 only from Rediff. Practically you can make your kids learn more than theoretically so, educate your kids about importance of solar energy and it is very suitable for school projects too. Be safe and eco friendly!!

How to Buy 6 in 1 Educational Solar Powered Robot Kit at Rs 298:

  1. Click here to get this to home.
  2. Apply Coupon code : 100SAVER
  3. Proceed with payment.
  4. Teach your children with fun.

In one single box, 6 Educational Solar Powered Robotics such as Robot, Helicopter, Boat, Windmills, Plane, and Car are available that you can assemble very easily, no batteries are required and also you get 30 days Warranty. Need to be used in sunny day for best result. Market price for the same is Rs 999, in ebay you are getting it at Rs 530, in Amazon its Rs 330 and in Shopclue at Rs 599.

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Rs 999
Rs 298