Buy 8Gb ADATA Pendrive UV130 for Rs 301 – Rs 99 Off

Sowmya Nair

Even non control freaks would not like it when important stuff is scattered around. Especially Data stuff like music, movies, workfiles, etc. Having all your important files in one place is the best way to feel safe. Be it your music or your business presentation, keep the files you need handy! Buy 8GB ADATA Pendrive UV130 today! 8GB space should be sufficient enough to hold most of your important data. This ADATA Pendrive fits in your pocket. Bored on a trip? Just plug in this 8GB ADATA Pendrive and play your favorite songs. Or even better catch up on a couple of movies you missed out earlier.

How to buy 8Gb ADATA Pendrive UV130 for Rs. 301:


  1. Buy 8Gb ADATA Pendrive UV130
  2. Click on BUY NOW to get this for Rs. 301

Buy 8Gb ADATA Pendrive UV130 for Rs. 301 from Amazon. Save Rs. 99!

With just a bit of pre-planning a weekend off work can be entirely entertaining with a loaded Pendrive. Be the smart one at work. Don’t run to get your laptop everytime. Just keep all necessary data on the pendrive. Impress your boss with your proactive nature.


2 Responses to “Buy 8Gb ADATA Pendrive UV130 for Rs 301 – Rs 99 Off”

  1. Victor

    I have a 16GB Adata 533x speed Compact Flash card which states it’s full whenever it gets to regarding 8GB. I’m utilizing it with a Canon 5D Mark II. Any aid will be excellent. Thanks.

  2. Aaradhaya

    I have been seeking a device for virtually years with that i will wirelessly play my outside HDD’s information from my iphone, mac etc !!! I heard regarding ADATA AE400 , nevertheless i wish inputs because to is there a greater device than which inside the indian marketplace ??!! Thanks


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