Buy Apple IPods from Flipkart at Best Price – Extra 5% Off on Price

Sonali Singh

Enjoy the unlimited brilliant music like never before. Get apple ipods at pouring offs brought to you by Get all generations ipod here. Be it 2nd generation, 3rd generation or 4th generation. A 5th, 6th or 7th etc. generation ipods, get them all. Apple is an unrivaled king that has gripped its feet in market. And its been not very long when the definition of Apple- the fruit changed to Apple- ipods, iphones and what not. Well, people gear up, to enjoy the change in sheer sense. Music lovers should not miss this. Check out an oceanic collection to buy apple ipods from

How to buy Apple ipods from flipkart?

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Some of the Recommended Apple Ipods :

Apple iPod touch 4th Generation 32 GB: The 32 GB with 3.5 inch display ipod has a 40 hours audio playback. Also 7 hours video playback. You can load for upto 7400 songs in the ipod. Player formats that it supports are Mp3, Audible, Apple lossless and WAV. Also it supports AAC, AIFF and Protected AAC. Click to check detailed info.

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Apple iPod nano 7th Generation 16 GB : The 16GB 2.5 inch display Apple ipod is a 7th generation ipod. It comes with a superb 30 hours audio playback capacity. The FM supported ipod also supports MP4 player. Genius music mixmaster, Fitness trainer are is extra fascinating features. Ideal for Photos, podcasts, music, FM radio and audio books.

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Apple touch 4th Generation 16 GB MP3 Player : The 4th generation 16GB apple ipod comes with a video recording. With its magnificent 3.5 inch display, you get fluid transitions. Also the convenience with it is its USB based charging. So, you can easily attach it your laptop or any USB port to charge. It also supports MP4 player.

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Apple iPod shuffle 4th Generation 2 GB :The very cute and handy shuffle ipod is a 4th generation one. Its compact design is more of an attention seeker. With 2GB memory, it has a 15 hours audio playback time. It also supports USB charging. Comes in other variants of silver, grey, blue. Three more variants of green, purple and yellow are also available.

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  1. Kami Zachariah

    I have a 512MB mp3. I’m somewhat obsessed with music and my mp3 doesn’t have nearly enough space. So I was thinking about getting an Apple 30GB iPod Movie. Where can I get it cheapest?
    thx in advance =)


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