Buy Baby Carrier and Carry Cots | Save Rs 825 on Purchase Rs 3450

Deepika Dewan

The new borns are so gentle and innocent that they need warmth and care in every possible way. They need to be protected as well from any unforeseen slip-offs and falls. brings Buy Baby Carrier and Carry Cots that ensure maximum comfort and safety for your bonny baby. They also bring you a price benefit where you get to save Rs 825 on all baby products purchase of Rs 3450. This excludes baby diapers, baby food, walkers & toddlers, prams & strollers. However, this offer is not valid on discounted products. Give your baby the twin benefit of affection and care when you Buy Baby Carrier and Carry Cots worth Rs 3450. Yapaa is an online portal for baby care products. 

How to Buy Baby Carrier and Carry Cots?

  • Click to Buy Baby Carrier and Carry Cots.
  • Add Coupon Code: YADC825 to save Rs 825 on Purchase of Rs 3450.
  • Buy Now and Add to Cart.
  • Combine with any other purchase and check out.
  • Offer valid till 08 Dec, 2013.

A little infant needs two things – a Baby cot and a Baby carrier. makes sure your little one gets the best of both worlds. That’s why it brings you Buy Baby Carrier and Carry Cots tailor made to your bonnie baby’s needs. The Yappa Deluxe baby carrier is a safe and convenient way to help you carry your baby with you when you have to be on-the-go. It comes to perfect aid when you need your hands to be free while your baby is clung on to you. This Deluxe Carrier has thick, padded shoulder straps that distribute baby’s weight evenly for extended comfort. Adjusting it perfectly to your child’s body in every phase of baby’s growth.

Then there is Yapaa Baby Carry Cots which is very helpful for parents who wish to travel with their baby without disturbing the little one’s sleep. Armed with sun canopy, the Carry Cots protects your baby from sun light. One small pillow makes sure your baby has a sound sleep and Soft cushions are there all over the cot to make it the most comfy and safe baby pad. is a dedicated portal that provides latest Online Deals from a great range of shopping websites such as Jabong, Myntra and many others.

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