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The frost outside in winter tells everything about the dropping mercury. When even the most warm and the cozy quilts aren’t just enough to keep the chill away. When you desperately need an aid to keep the room temperature close to normal. Bajaj Majesty Room Heater is just the relief. Brought to you, Bajaj Majesty Room Heater comes to you at a discounted price of Rs 2850/-. Get the Bajaj room heater and stay warm and cozy through out the chill. Dealstan brings the best deal for you and gets you the heater at best price through snapdeal. Check out the details to get the heater now.

How to get the Bajaj Majesty Room Heater?

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Price Comparison:

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Room Heaters prove to be the most useful appliance during winters. Bajaj Majesty RX11 Room Heater will keep you warm in the biting cold days of winter. The added advantage that this heater facilitates is that it can work as heater in winter and personal fan in summer. The heater comes with double heat settings.

It comprises of cool touch housing for easy mobility and has international design and styling. The Bajaj Majesty RX11 Room Heater features automatic temperature control. It provides the facility of automatic thermal cut-out, Thermostat cut-off and Thermal fuse. A BIS (ISI marked) approved product, the heater is made in India and has a guarantee of 2 years. The multifaceted Bajaj Heater is a must have in winter and can also be a lot of use in summers. Safeguarding you from the killing chill, it keeps you snugged and warm. Just fit the heater in your room and forget the cold and also enjoy air in summers.

Product Details:

  • Heater in Winter and Personal Fan In Summer.
  • Thermostat Cut-Off.
  • Fan Forced Hot Air Circulation .
  • Automatic Temperature Control .
  • Cool Touch Housing Hot Blow.

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