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Shweta Anand

This is something to think about with the winter season just about round the corner. Buy Bajaj Room Heater for your house now and get it at the best rates on Buy Bajaj Room Heater Minor for Rs. 719. And the Bajaj Room Heater Flashy for Rs. 759. I would say now is the best time to buy the heaters for your homes. Because as the season draws nearer, demand products are usually expected to rise in price. Online shopping always gives options for Smart buying. With the brand guarantee of Bajaj and the deal and discount guarantee of, you buyers can be rest assured.

How to Buy Bajaj Room Heater Minor at Pepperfry?

  1. Click here to check out the Bajaj Minor Room Heater, priced at Rs. 899.
  2. Click here to check out the Bajaj Flashy Room Heater, priced at Rs. 949.
  3. Select the one you like, or buy one of each for different rooms.
  4. Click on BUY NOW. Update quantity.
  5. Apply discount coupon code: PEPOMG20PER to get additional 20% off.
  6. After discount Buy Bajaj Room Heater Minor for Rs. 719. And the Bajaj Room Heater Flashy for Rs. 759.
  7. Free shipping and handling. (not applicable on Cash on delivery options).

Room Heaters prove to be the most useful appliance during winters. Buy Bajaj Room Heater to ensure warmth in the biting cold days of winter. The heaters  have nickel chrome plated mesh grids and bright nickel chrome plated reflectors. These stylish and compact heaters come with a single heating element. BIS (ISI marked) approved products, the heaters are made in India and have a guarantee of 2 years.

The Bajaj Flashy Room Heater has a superior heating element. While the Bajaj Minor Room Heater has a special reflecting surface for uniform heat distribution; you can regulate the height according to your suitability.

Think no more, count the number of rooms you have an Buy Bajaj Room Heater (s) now! The prices at pepperfry are like never before and mostly never after!

Buy Bajaj Room Heater
Bajaj Minor Room Heater
Buy Bajaj Room Heater
Bajaj Flashy Room Heater

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899 | 949
719 | 759