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Sonali Singh

Now get closer to the latest technology.Add another new technological tint to your shelf. Are you really jarred up using that clumsy mouse? Does it makes you feel antideluvian or archaic?How about something like a new Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse? Yes, Belkin has churned out a smart Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse for smart people.Get home the smart piece today.It is brought to you by at Rs 369/- only.

How to get the Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse?

  1. Shop for Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse.
  2. Apply coupon code GET150 to get extra discount.
  3. Click on Add to Cart.
  4. Cash on delivery available for the product.
  5. Delivery in 7 working days.
  6. Save a lot on your shipping.
  7. Minimal shipping charges Rs70/- only.

Revolution today has taken another leap. New technology has come about to fit in the picture. It has overruled the conventional ones. Belkin brings to you this Belkin Compact Optical wired mouse.So as to keep you abreast of with today’s technology.It comes to you in just Rs369 at huge discount. The Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse eases your all the trouble. The Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse is a smart computer accessory. It supports range from with the length of the wire. It has a long life that lasts up to quite long.It is a beautiful blend of black and blue gives the mouse an even smarter look.

The logo of the iconic Belkin gives it more appealing look.Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse is easy to use.It is for both left- or right-handed users. The Belkin Compact Optical Wired Mouse comes with built in precision optical sensing technology with 800 DPI. You can just plug your mouse into an open USB port on your computer. And now youre ready to work for hours. The mouse had optical 800 DPI3 buttons for easier control.It has compact ambidextrous design for left- or right-handed users.It comes with 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Product Details:

Available with the image of the product.

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