Blanca Silver Men Analog Watch for Rs. 699 – Yebhi | Flat 83% Off

Sonali Singh

Style coupled with sophistication robs everyone’s attention. Sophistication, elegance when teamed with voguish tints and  all these complemented with extraordinary performance, makes anything or rather anyone look like out of this world. And watches have always been an important ingredient in giving a man’s personality all the regal look and enhancing his persona. Although we have the world digitized now and they have digital watches too but the analog watches are never out of vogue. The beauty and feel those ticking needles have, that is just unmatched. Blanca brings an elegant piece for men. Buy Blanca Silver Men Analog Watch at just Rs. 699/-. Brought to you by

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Blanca brings to you this super stylish watch that is designed to perfection, featuring a round case that is crafted from brass. The watch sports a smart features plus a functionality that works seamlessly. Offering you a Swiss quality, the watch is sure to serve you long both as a timepiece and a fashion add-ons that is long lasting and impressive. The logo of the iconic Blanca brand, in the dial gives the the Watch more catchy look and also proves of its authenticity.

A unique masterpiece Blanca Silver Men Analog watch will enhance the look of your wrist! This watch from Blanca sets a benchmark of quality, authenticity and exclusivity. The silver colored straps of the watch suits your wrists the best. The Blanca Silver Men Analog Watch is certainly a choice for those who love performance and style both. So to catch the pace of time , the Blanca Silver Men Analog Watch becomes a must have addition in your personality.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blanca.
  • Category: Timepieces.
  • For: Men.
  • Usage: Fashion/Casual.
  • Band/Strap Material: Metallic band.
  • Band/Strap Color: Silver.
  • Case Material: Brass.
  • Case Color: Silver.
  • Dial Color: Black.

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Rs. 699