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Sonali Singh

Non-stick, as the name is intelligible, that it does all the cooking and more than cooking, washing, easy for you. How bad is it when you find yourselves tussling to remove the crumbs of remains from your cookware. You often feel paranoid as even after making repeated rubbing, the cookware seems unclean. A slight look at the sink full of dirty kitchen appliances and the cookware give the spine-chilling fright. And your maid threatens you to quit the job quite often? Also along with this comes a feeling of unhealthiness. Dash your worries off now. Make your kitchen a tech-place to work in. And free your arms and palms of the trouble of repeated scratching. Buy branded non-stick combo set at extra 25% OFF brought to you by India times shopping.

How to buy branded non-stick combo set?

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  • Shipping Charge Rs 199/-.

Now make your kitchen, a kitchen you have fantasized of always. Imagine yourself  working in an adept kitchen, well-equipped with latest working appliances that are very time saving and also making your cooking a fun of yet another level. Cooking becomes cumbersome when your appliances work incoherently. Sometimes burning your curries.Sometimes frying is a disaster. Preparing omelette in your frying pan and finding it turn to ashes.

Just alienate all your bad ware and dash them off your kitchen. Make a decent room for your new friends that never distresses you. Introduce to your kitchen, a smart companion that is Vinod Non-stick cookware  and buy branded non-stick combo set brought to you by India Times shopping. Now you do not have to worry about the extra labor-incurring and troublesome washing of your utensils and hence easing yourself out of the gruesome situation. So gear up to buy branded non-stick combo set at huge discount.

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Coupon : SECRETDDMM to get 25% Off

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