Buy CFL combo Two 15W and Two 20W CFLs Combo Rs 625 – 16% off


How many us know the full form of CFL? CFL stands for Compact fluorescent lamp.  Now days in most of the places only CFL lights are being used due to its various advantages. You can purchase a CFL light from the market but there is no place other than Buy CFL combo that will offer you a combo pack of two 15w and two 20 w CFLs. You may think why buy from here when we can purchase it indiviually from the martket and the answer is because there is a 16% discount on this combo offer that originally cost Rs.740 but now it is only for Rs.625. CP03_M_1_2x-bba08

How to buy CFL combo offer:-

  1. Buy CFL combo.
  2. Click on buy.
  3. Mention the quantity you want.
  4. Proceed to payment.
  5. Make safe and secure payment.
  6. The product is dispatched in three business days.
  7. Enjoy free delivery.

CFL lights are the smaller version of the bigger fluorescent lights that emits better quality of light than before. These lights give the same amount of lights as the incandescent lights but they save up to more than 50% off energy. CFL lights may cost more but they are long lasting lights than incandescent lights thus making it less expensive in the long run. They are known as the low energy light bulb. You also need to know that when you dispose off the light after its life is over it needs to be disposed of properly. When there are so many advantages to this how can anyone not use a CFL light at any place where  artificial light is required. Thus to avail for a combo offer you can simply click on Buy CFL combo and purchase it.

About the product:-

  • Brand: LightO
  • Product type: CFL lamps
  • Wattage: 15W and 20W respectively
  • Pack contains two CFLs of 15W CDL T4 2U BC and two CFLs of 20W CDL T4 3U BC
  • Lamp design: U shape
  • Colour of light emitted: Cool Day Light
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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