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Deepika Dewan

Coffee interactions mostly come with juicy conversations exchanged between a girl and a guy or between a boss and his female colleague. Even the senior citizens don’t mind going catching up on a winter noon at a club for some coffee. A coffee cup more or less comes with a saucer to accommodate cookies and muffins. How about trying out a new and 21st century formula to have some hot cappuccino? brings Buy Coffee Cookie Mug for the coffee freaks. It’s a new age coffee cup that has a small integrated space for the cookies to fit in. So that you don’t have to waste a saucer or a plate to fit in the biscuits. Saves space, detergent and adds wonders to the boring way of having coffee. Call your fast friends or even your distant ones and welcome them with this unique Coffee Cookie Mug. Let’s say cheers to this innovative way of having coffee.

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Coffee Mug

It’s no plain ceramic cup to hold your coffee when you need it most. It’s a techie model instead that not just gives you hot coffee but biscuits too. The Coffee Cookie Mug we are talking about does the twin job of serving you coffee and biscuits at the same time without taking any additional space.

This ingeniously designed ceramic mug saves you the trouble of handing out saucers to your guests when you give them coffee cups. Because of sheer absence of saucers, this wonderful technique eliminates the chance of washing the plates, since there aren’t any. Moreover, the little nook at the base of the cup holds the cookies perfectly. Have a nice time each time you sip coffee.

Product Details:

  • Item Name: Coffee Cookie Mug.
  • Color: White.
  • Dimensions: 3.93″ x 3.15″ x 3.93″. is a dedicated portal that provides latest Online Deals from a great range of shopping websites.

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Rs 333