Buy Combo Offer Online Shopping for Women at Rs 699 – 50% OFF


Wish to gift a woman a combo pack? What can be a better combo offer online shopping than having a cute pink kurti of Kriaa, a bracelet watch, a bag and a pearl necklace set in just Rs. 699/-. Surprised? Well don’t be. The price might just make you doubt the quality of the products. But to clear your doubts, the original price of this combination is just Rs. 1,399 i.e. FLAT 50% OFF.

How to buy Combo Offer Online Shopping for Women wear at Rs. 699 – 50% OFF:

  1. 1. Get this Combo Offer online shopping for women at a price of Rs. 699 from here!
  2. 2. Click on BUY NOW to get a 50% discount on the combo offer!

You’re professional but still like to keep it simple and stylish than isn’t it a great deal for you? A pink kurti which you can wear in office as well as in those birthday parties, a silver bracelet watch which fulfills the need of a watch and a bracelet both, a bag which you can carry anywhere you wish to and a pearl necklace set which might just compliment all your functional dresses and those ethnic wear sarees.

This combo offer online shopping can also be a great gift for your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife or simple a friend on their birthday. What can be a better deal than this? If you go out in the market or a mall to buy the combo offer online shopping, then it might just cost you around Rs. 3000/-. But the combo offered by Rediff is nothing but an opportunity that one should grab without giving it a second thought.

So what are you think on? You can purchase this combo offer online shopping right now.

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  1. Rajdeep

    Im online buying plus all they have is sizes like 20, 24, 27, etc plus all I learn is the fact that Im a size 3 or 7in jeans! Help?

  2. I am going to launch a amazing consumer friendly online buying mall, i have tried to put because numerous shops because possible which i think folks would like to store at, plus continue to store at.
    Need your help on this. What do you say?


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