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Babies are adorable little creatures. The only problem is that they can get annoying at times with the untimely shrieks and cries. Admit it! You have been disturbed from your sleep quite a few times, tried your spouse to do the tasks, failed in convincing and reluctantly went to the babies to caress them. Babies should have proper sleep, food, sleep positions, care and of course, clean clothes. Obviously meaning that they need a diaper change every now and then. The next time you decide to buy new diapers, we ensure you that you need not even move out of your room. Flipkart brings you diapers offers online, giving a discount upto 26% off. Ever imagined that you could buy diapers online too? Well, now you can.

How to get diapers offers online from flipkart for upto 26% off:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the type you need
  3. Click on Buy Now.

Diapers offers online given by flipkart has over 150 different types of diapers for you to choose from. They are available at very reasonable prices starting from Rs.299. Diapers offfers online has all the brands to make it easy for you to choose your regular one. Flipkart is a trustworthy website. The products are of genuine quality. The desired product can be available in 5-6 business days. The shipping charges are free. Cash on delivery is available too. You can have a peaceful shopping experience while your baby is fast asleep. Happy Shopping in the diapers offers online sale.

Product Description:
In the picture:

Diapering your little one with cloth diapers effectively reduces the chances of skin irritations, redness of the skin as well as diaper rashes. Love Baby newborn diaper pant, free from harmful chemicals, is skin-friendly and safe for your precious one. Made from high quality quick dry cotton material and plastic outside, this cloth diaper is soft and gentle on your delicate skin of baby.

The Velcro strap closures hold the diaper in place and ensure a custom-like fit for the maximum comfort of your infant. The extra-soft and super liquid absorbent made use if in this ergonomically designed diaper from the house of Love Baby rapidly absorbs all the wetness and moisture to keep skin of your baby dry thereby preventing chances of diaper rashes. The super-absorbent diaper effectively prevents leakage and spillage. Designed with utmost care, this baby diaper can be used suitably for both boys and girls. Extra-soft and super liquid absorbent, designed with appropriate care, harmless to skin.

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  1. We are having a baby shortly plus like to go with cloth diapers. We have noticed there are a several choices accessible. What will be the number one fashion to go with? If you have experiences with utilizing fabric diapers, please share the thoughts. Thank we!


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