Buy 400TRAi Equity Four Burner Cooktop at Discount for Rs. 2,916

Sonali Singh

Do you feel your two burner cooktop is horribly clumsy to prepare food in time? Is it not smart enough to match up your pace and do multitasking? And you find yourself burning in the kitchen whole day long, changing pans on two burners, when you have those parties at home? Well rev up your functioning in the kitchen and be a smart lady to prepare all the delectable and splendid dishes within no time. Without exhausting yourself, cooking multiple things together and impressing all with your finger-licking dishes. Buy Equity four burner cooktop, brought to you by

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four burner cooktop

With elegant design and sophisticated look, the equity four burner cooktop is a smart tech kitchen appliance that helps you do work smartly. Extremely time-saving, the Equity Four Burner Cooktop, is crafted out of stainless steel. Equipped with auto-ignition switch, it eases you of the hassle of searching your gas-lighter every time. Just rotate the knob and press in the auto-ignition switch, and your burner gets lit up immediately. Also armored with one big and one small brass burners to give you the convenience of maintaining the optimum heat levels for perfect burning.

Hence giving you the liberty to choose whenever you cook. Also the adequate distance between the four burners, makes it a perfect appliance to cook multiple things at a time. The time-saving, highly efficient, multitasking and energy-conserving Equity Four burner cooktop, is every home-maker’s choice. The triple ring burner, is another feature of the appliance, that makes it a must have in your kitchen. The sturdy and robust body of the cooktop gives it a longer life. Easy to maintain and clean, the cooktop is just the beauty of your hi-tech kitchen. And you add the amazing appliance to your kitchen without much investment. A trifle price of Rs 2916/- is just a peanut investment to bag home a smart performer. So wait not and grab now the Four Burner Cooktop at huge discount.

Product Details:

  • Ring Burner for Even Heat Distribution.
  • Auto Ignition.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • 1 big + 1 small brass burners.
  • Adequate distance between the burners.
  • Triple ring burner.

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