Buy Fossil Chrono Watches for Men at 20% + Extra 30% Off

Sonalee Sarkar

What is a Chronograph watch for all those who do not know? A chronograph is a watch with hands that display hours, minutes and seconds, together. In chronographs the centre key dial shows the time keeping functions while the three sub-dials in general show the stopwatch function. From various styles and designs with different dial colors you can get the best of Fossil chrono watches from Buy these watches that cater to men for discount of 20% and if you purchase now then you get extra 30% discount on them.

How to get this Fossil Watches at discounted price of Rs 4595?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Fossil Nate chrono grey dial men’s watch:- Rs.9995
fossil nate

Fossil chrono black dial watch:- Rs.7495

fossil chrono black

Fossil townsman chrono black dial watch:- Rs.10995

fossil townsman black

Fossil stopwatch chrono grey dial watch:- Rs.9995

fossil stopwatch

Fossil stopwatch chrono black dial watch:- Rs.9995

fossil townsman

A multi purpose watch that serves more than one feature at a time. The use of a simple watch that displays time or even for that matter watches that display two things that is time and date are no more in fashion. They are the old style. With the developments in technology the mechanism of the watches have also taken a fast growth. Thus now these kind with complex watch features have come in vogue. Hurry to buy one at the best price.

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  1. Hastin Banik

    What are your opinions on fossil watches and the fossil company? Mainly related to the quality of products and warranty/customer service issues.


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Rs 9995
Rs 4595